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In 1958, Humphrey and his wife Muriel built a lakeside house in Waverly that was his main residence for the rest of his life, and he died there in 1978. Waversly Lakefront Park, a small complex that housed small buildings in the 1930s and 40s.

After about 300 hectares were surveyed and plated, the settlement known as Waverly Mills began to take shape. Several new buildings have been built in the area, including the first high-rise building in the city and the first public housing estate. There were 603 housing units, and there was a racial composition of about one-third black, one percent white, two-thirds white and three-quarters African-American.

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At its peak, Waverly's commercial buildings were among the largest and finest in Wright County. The prosperity of the early years was supported by the presence of local settlers, such as John Beckon and his wife Mary and their children William and Mary.

The first store was opened by T.R. Barrett, who ran it for a few years and then converted it into a hotel called Keystone House. Under the influence of his partner, an entrepreneurial surveyor, he built a dam, a sea mill and a water mill at the outflow of Little Waverly Lake in 1856. Saws, scrap and milling industry erected a wooden church at this location. Although it survived, it was not well enough managed to be viable in the long term.

The village was called Waverly Station to distinguish it from the pioneering village that flourished about a mile away in the early days. In 1856, Waversly Mills was given its name in honor of its previous owner, William "Waverley" Mills, Jr.

Before European settlement, Waversly was predominantly in the Big Woods, which included a mixture of oak, maple, bush wood and hickory. A small portion of the wet prairie existed, and many of the early farmers came from this area, as well as other parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Lodges from the early 1900s included Waverly Lodge, the first of its kind in North America and the only one in Minnesota.

The City of Waverly's framework began in 1855, when the Territorial Legislature passed a law to organize Wright County. A railway company built Waversly station and began regular trains through the area in 1868.

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More About Otsego