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Get lost in a festive corn maze with friends and family, play in the corn pit, ride a paddle truck, shoot a corn cannon and shoot corn cannons this fall. Add St. Cloud State University's annual corn maze to the equation and it's a recipe for fun for all of you in and around the St. Cloud area. We'll show you the directions to safe, family-friendly activities and you'll enjoy a family visit to A & G's corn maze this fall.

See for yourself the annual corn maze at St. Cloud State University on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

If you are interested in getting involved and spreading sunflower love, you can donate your field, donate agricultural equipment and even operate some of the agricultural equipment. Here is a list of where and when we can find fish sunflower fields in Minnesota. You can sign up and join the Facebook group Fish and Sunflowers, or find a specific address on our website for more information.

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If you are thinking of bringing a dog or cat and would like to know if pets are allowed, please read your hotel's pet policies. Then check out our list of 90 things you can do for free in Minnesota in the winter, and it's full of tips and tricks.

If you want to know where to photograph sunflower fields in Minnesota all year round, Fish Sunflowers is a popular destination. It is usually scheduled for two weekends in June each year and is open for 10 days from sun to sunset.

This popular autumn attraction is expected to open in late September 2020 and is one of the most popular attractions in the twin cities in autumn. The corn maze of A.G. Maize is the largest corn maze in Minnesota and the second largest in North America, just behind the corn maze of the Great Lakes.

Here are some of the best sunflower fields in Minnesota for 2020, and watch out for an updated MN Sunflower Field schedule in 2021 as the season approaches. Kansas is known as the Sunflower State, while the sunflower fields listed in this post are in Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes State. We have heard that Kansas has more than 1.5 million different types of sunflower, but the Fish Sunfl flower fields in Minnesota offer over 1,500 different flower species and over 100 different plant species.

As the name suggests, Wright County is close enough to the twin cities to allow sprawl, but not so close that it is easy to miss out on new developments. CitiFinancial has just told us that not only are we unable to make this year's Minnesota Sunflower Field schedule for April and May, but that we are also likely to miss April. One real estate agent who specializes in selling vacant lots in the Twin Cities blamed today's problems on the realization that the good times would not last forever. The area is home to some of the finest sunflowers in Minnesota and the best sunflower fields in North America.

O'Hara lives in a bustling urban village and overlooks a weed field and a townhouse with a bank sign on the front door. There is evidence of an execution taped to a window, hidden by a few trees on a hill. Almost no one is showing how depressed the housing market is in Wright County, even though the sheriff's foreclosure of homes is taking place. More than 1,000 homes were foreclosed last year alone, according to a report by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The biggest attraction in the neighborhood is the beautiful Sunray Farm Park, which is a popular recreational destination during the spring and summer months.

Travelers at Holiday Inn Otsego, MN can relax in the water park, which features slides and a lazy river. Other amenities at the hotel include a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, outdoor pool and spa facilities. Leisure facilities include an indoor pool with hot tub, sauna, saunas, showers and showers, and an outdoor pool.

We were surprised to learn that Minnesota has a lot of land we had no idea where to go in Otsego, Minnesota, a small town in the heart of the Twin Cities.

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